Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meander Paintings

This is one of the recent paintings from the Meander series.  This series explores the behavior of moving water and the effects it has on the surrounding landforms.  I am interested in the lasting traces over time-- impressions on the land that are like an aqueous fossil record. 

I am working to make these paintings by doing something that is like an actual geomorphic process.  Mostly the works are done on paper which serves as the landform. I introduce pigments which are dissolved to varying degrees in varying solutions.  I score  the paper surface and introduce "obstacles" (like wire or thread or pencil marks) on the surface. 

The aim is to create disturbances in how the pigment solutions can move, and ultimately how and where they dry.  Making many layers on each painting, letting each dry before beginning the next, creates an actual history. 

Each of these paintings, though fairly simple in appearance, is composed of dozens of layers and can take over a year to make.

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